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Caring Transition Manages Estate Sale Services & Online Auctions in Southwest Pittsburgh, PA

A team of dedicated experts can organize a stress-free estate sale for your family


At Caring Transitions, we specialize in helping clients successfully go through various types of transitions by providing coordination, management, assistance, and all-around support. To that effect, we offer a plethora of services ranging from relocation management, rightsizing & decluttering, and home organization to online auctions and estate sale services.

If you have to deal with an upcoming estate sale for a family member, we can coordinate the liquidation and make certain that all assets are taken care of in your stead.

Estate Sale Services in Pittsburgh, PA

We are here to provide guidance and help you complete your estate sale as efficiently and as smoothly as possible, preventing potential hiccups and minimizing risks along the way. Our experienced organizers will make every effort to thoroughly assess all your needs and come up with a plan that will make the whole process incredibly simple for your family.

To showcase what to expect from our estate sale services, here is a short list of what we can provide you with:

·         Experienced staff to manage your local estate sale from start to finish

·         Evaluation and inventory of all items that need to be sold

·         Clearing and cleaning all rooms in the house

·         Scheduling necessary repairs or paint jobs

·         Arranging donation or recycling of unwanted items

·         Shipping keepsake items to other family members

·         Junk removal services

·         Interviewing promising real estate agents to manage the sale of the property

Online Estate Sale Auctions in Pittsburgh, PA

If you simply lack the time to go through a regular estate sale, it might be easier for you to sign up for our online auction platform. The goal is to sell off your loved one’s items as quickly and as seamlessly as possible and, while doing so, turn a profit. Caring Transitions can facilitate every phase of your online auction.

Just like with estate sale services, we can provide the following for your online auction:

·         Team of professionals to administrate your online auctions

·         Appraisal of all items destined for online auctioning

·         Staging the home and taking pictures for online sale

·         Donation, recycling, and shipment of unsold belongings

·         Conducting interviews with real estate people

·         And more

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