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Caring Transitions of Southwest Pittsburgh Is the Leading Provider of Senior Relocation Services

Our dedicated local team of transition specialists can facilitate your loved one’s relocation to a smaller home or retirement community from start to finish in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions is the trusted local provider of home relocation services in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. Though we assist clients with various types of relocations such as household, divorce, or job relocations, we are probably most proud of providing streamlined support for seniors moving to assisted living.

At Caring Transitions of Southwest Pittsburgh, we know that giving up privacy and independence can be very hard. Nonetheless, it is often the right choice to make when seniors need professional care to maintain or improve their quality of life. Our senior relocation specialists are here to support you and your loved one and prepare everything you need, allowing for a smooth, stress-free transition. Let us work together on providing your parent with a strong support system so that they can transition into their new home with ease and grace.

An All-Inclusive Provider for All Your Transition Needs

When it comes to life-changing transitions such as senior relocation, many times we have witnessed how few additional hurdles may prevent seniors from transitioning right away. These obstacles usually involve a large number of belongings accumulated over decades of living independently at home. When the time comes to make other living arrangements and move to a smaller accommodation or a retirement community, family members are often unsure what to do with all of these belongings. This is where we can help.

Our senior relocation specialists can provide valuable assistance when sorting mom or dad’s property, helping you decide which items you wish to hold on to and which you do not want to keep. We can then include additional transition services to your customized relocation plan. For instance, our local team can arrange estate sales, donations, or recycling of any non-essential items that cannot be transferred to your loved one’s new residence.

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